1-Download GGMM Here (if the link is broken pls contact me.)

 2-Open the Gta folder (C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andrea, and extract the files in the archive of ggmm.

 3-Take your mod files and extract the dff, txd and read me in the descktop or other folder( this is not important)

 4-Open ggmm and click on the installer and then maual mod installer.

 5-You will see a screen with some lines, open the read me and there will be strings composed of numbers and words, try the strip line if there is IDE and copy the ddmm for other lines is the same procedure attention, be careful that the line is sometimes coulors line carcols.

 6-Then there are two lines is called a DFF and TXD texture model will open the two files of the mod dff and txd

7-Then install, press down and wait for it to end close and I tried your mod if dont work read again this guide.